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contains the essence blends of Vital Energy, Body Love and Me, Myself I to make sure you remember to prioritise your health and well-being in 2019.

The Vitality Pack focuses your attention on your physical body, ensuring you have plenty of energy to go, a healthy self appreciation of your body and non-critical self-talk so you don't undermine yourself. Your state of mind and the stream of consciousness running through your head is what literally creates your reality. If you regularly run yourself down in your thoughts, then you will run yourself into the ground.

By being mindful of your inner conversations and managing your self statements in a positive light you will begin to feel better about yourself, love your body for the miracle that it is and naturally make better choices with the food you eat, the habits you pursue, the friends you hang out with and the relationships you cultivate.

Sail through 2019 with this handy supportive three-pack priced at only $45.00

The best gift you can give yourself


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