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Vital Energy 30ml Dose Blend


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Vital Energy


Energy to go, and then some!

Natural healing flower essence that can be the pick-me-up you need when the busi-ness of life wears you down. Helps you to focus, protect yourself from burning out, and gives you an energetic boost when you’re tired or just ‘flat’. Aids releasing unnecessary worry, anxiety, and guilt.

Supports intuitively conserving our energy for the things that matter.

Builds understanding of the true meaning of the word ‘service’ and of learning to give and receive in equal measure.

Assists the rejuvenation, revitalising, renewing, refreshing, restoring and restocking processes of the body through its influence on jing energy (fundamental body energy).

  • Assists with energy loss and tiredness, and helps to focus on a task that needs to be done
  • Encourages the need to protect ourselves from burning out
  • Being conscious that, “I am the central sun of my own Universe” and radiate to all in my world


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