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Stress Less in 2019


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Stress Less in 2019

A set of three essences to support you during 2019 .

Move out of the old 'used-by' notion of time, that ticks your life away demanding that your follow its beat. Instead march to the rhythm of a higher vibrational frequency that puts you at the helm, directing your own life. Don't sweat the small stuff, cause it's all small when we place ourselves where we belong in the realm of the magical, mystical world of creating our own reality. At this consciousness level instead of catastrophising we say 'what does this crisis teach me about staying calm and grounded so I access my higher wisdom'. A calm mind and easy flow of thoughts leads to inner peace and health.

Don't let events in 2019 become over-whelming.

Carry the Spirit of Woman Stress Pack in your bag and be ready for anything that this fast and furiiously paced year will bring!

Crisis Calm -  Ease the tension and stress.  Re-centre yourself and enjoy the moment!

Quiet Mind -  Ease a racing mind and tune into your intuition  Assists with sleep, meditation or creative thinking.

Gift of Time - Helps clarify thoughts and prioritise tasks.


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