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Goddess Kwan Yin Meditation Spray Mist



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100 ml Goddess Kwan Yin Meditation Spray Mist.  This beautiful and reverential spray mist opens your heart to a compassionate acceptance of all beings. It helps you to recognise that 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

It brings a deep calmness and acceptance of life and others so that we do not become victim to chaotic energy but rather, maintain a compassionate capacity to assist and uphold others in our hearts, prayers and attitude. It is a wonderful 'attitude-adjuster'. A useful healer's tool to stay open while maintaining our own integrity. 

Touch into your true nature through inner quiet, open your heart to compassion and your soul to the tender recognition of the inconnectedness of all living beings. We are but One and by holding an attitude of love for others we tap into the very fabric that binds the Universe. 


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