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Pregnancy Support 30ml Dose Blend


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Growing baby gracefully

Natural healing vibrational essence that supports the transition from Maiden to Mother. Supports the swift, profound changes in the BodyMind under the influence of a cascade of life-promoting hormones. Supports emotional, physical, and mental wellness in both parents.

This is a time when the body mind is going through swift, profound and deep changes, which will remain for life, under the influence of a cascade of life-promoting hormones.

The transition from the mother to the maiden. Her energy is split between the primary survival instinct for the self, and that is now transferred to the child, as Life demands she focus on the child’s survival.

The baby is growing within the energetic encapsulation of the mother ship. Wellness, emotional physical and mental, is critical for the optimum wellbeing of the baby

The state of the mother ship impacts profoundly on the laying down of tissue in the baby’s body.

Research shows that a high percentage of fathers-to-be physically feel some of the physical changes of pregnancy that their partner experiences; where this is the case, the father can use this essence as well.

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