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2020 Spirit of Woman Workshop Day


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You can connect with your precious heart and its yearnings, urges and passions in a specifically tailored workshop series that drops you mind, body and soul directly into your Divine Feminine, aligning you with the new consciousness entering the planet. Structured to reflect the gestation period of nine months for the human being, these experience-packed nine days over nine months will birth you anew, opening your heart to sing, play and find its own rhythm. Just like a new-born infant, you will see the world through new eyes and come into a new way of being, in love with life.

Select the date/dates you would like to attend, go ahead and book online and then please send me a separate email to to let me know which day (date) workshop you would like to attend.

Tools you will explore

  • Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and Blends for the particular chakra we are exploring on this day and how to use them.
  • Essential Oils for the chakra and how to use them.
  • Auric Healing Techniques, Hands-On Healing, Energy Clearing, Distant Healing if applicable
  • Meditation and Mindfulness techniques
  • Kinesiology diagnostics
  • Physical shape-shifting postures (including yoga asanas for the particular chakra we are covering on this day)
  • Dance moves, drawing exercises
  • Dynamic group exercises





Run over 9 months through 2020


 Held on Sundays from 9.00 – 4.30


Bring lunch to share. Morning and Afternoon Tea provided


Dates and Program


February 23rd – Chakra 1 – you will learn about embodiment, how to best care for your body and how your body registers its need for survival. 


March 29th – Chakra 2 – you will learn about intimacy, closeness, how to enhance your relationship or to attract one if you are ready to go. 


May 31st – Chakra 3 – you will learn to step into your own power, how to find confidence when you need it and how to nurture and nourish yourself


 June 28th – Chakra 4 – you will learn how to love to live, live to love and to increase your happiness quotient through acceptance of ‘what is’.


 July 26th – Chakras 5 – you will learn how to express your creativity through accessing your uniqueness.


August 25th – Chakras 6 & 7 – you will learn how to trust your own intuition & wisdom and how to access your Higher Self.


September 27th – Chakras 8 & 9 – you will learn how to connect with your soul’s unique history through past lives and how to access your soul’s destiny to connect with your Life Purpose. 


October 25th – Chakras 10 & 11 – you will learn ways that you can be a conduit for healing energies both as a practitioner and in your everyday life through an understanding and feeling for the Web of Life. You will learn how to access Gaia to power your healing capacity..


November 29th – Chakra 12 - Pulling It All Together - Birthing a New You - you will come to an awareness of Unity Consciousness and the thrill of being You in a New Order. You will also engage in practical sessions that will assist you to put onto practice all that you have learned.


The 'Spiritorium' - a sacred retreat centre dedicated to the Divine Feminine and self-healing

1888 Mt Nebo Rd

Mt Nebo

Qld 4520

This workshop is eligible for ANTA CPE (Continuing Professional Education) points (one point each hour of the course).

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