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Welcome to the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences Shop

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences are vibrational tools which can be easily and effortlessly incorporated into healing practices, whether you are a practising professional healer or health professional or simply looking to take personal responsibility for your's and your family's health and wellbeing.


Our essences are available in a number of different products:

15 ml Individual Essences as either:

Stock - for practitioners to make up into dose strength

Dose - to be taken straight from the bottle

The 29 individual Spirit of Woman Flower Essences are each dedicated to assisting you to access the values of co-operation, collaboration, love of nurturing and being nurtured and heart-centred connection that empowers the Divine Feminine in you. Due to your upbringing in a society steeped in patriarchal values, you have been programmed to deny these values even though they are embodied in you. Opening up to your feminine softness aligns you to the Life Force bringing health, wellbeingness and happiness in all areas of your life. It reprograms you to peace and love in your life and a harmonious co-existence with Gaia, the Mother. For men, working with these essences opens them up to the heart, their feeling side, at the same time as upholding and retaining their potent masculine power.

30 ml Blends essences as either:

Stockfor practitioners to make up into dose strength

Doseto be taken straight from the bottle.

The 30 Spirit of Woman Essence Blends support the journey of awakening to the beauty of the Divine Feminine within, enabling balanced optimal expression of innate gender differences.

100 ml Spray Mists:

7 different mists that contain Spirit of Woman Flower Essences, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences and selected organic Essential Oils




2019 is a year of creating our own reality. Our vision is to facilitate Shift transformational energies by upholding and enhancing the Divine Feminine. Gaia needs human co-operation to ensure that we all survive the changes that are now upon us. We need to work in harmony and resonance with Her wisdom and energy more than ever. Spirit of Woman Flower Essences carry Gaia's wisdom in their vibration.


Essence of Woman Workshops include:

  • Honouring the Divine Feminine - The Power of Yin
  • Essence of Relationships
  • Parenting from the Heart

In these workshops, we explore the Blends Essences and their powerful capacity to support the phases of a woman's life, from womb to tomb, through Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman.

We navigate gender differences, expressed as Yin Yang, reflecting the underlying bi-polar nature of the energetic anatomy, biologically embedded as physical, emotional, attitudinal and spiritual differences between women and men.

You will learn, with the assistance of Spirit of Woman Flower Essence Blends, how to navigate gender differences in a conscious manner, so that you create more harmonious relationships in your life: your intimate partnership, your inner family circle, in work situations and in community.


Spirit of Woman Practitioner Training Workshops

In our 2019 Practitoner Training workshops we invoke conscious connection with the Plant Kingdom as participants play and work with the flower essences, fostering a relationship with Plant Spirits. These workshops explore in-depth the 12 Chakra subtle energy system of the body and the Spirit of Woman flower essences that relate to each energy centre and the role they play in re-creating physical, emotional and spiritual balance and wellbeing.  We learn to diagnose clients, family and friends at the Mind-Body level using Medical Intuitive skills and the many ways to apply resonant Spirit of Woman Flower Essences to assist the regenerative process of healing. The workshops, Level 1 and Level 2, are each conducted over a weekend.

SPIRIT OF WOMAN TRAINING WORKSHOP Levels 1 and Level 2 (dates to be announced) covers the full range of individual Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences together with their chakra concordances. It also offers experiential Medical Intuitive practical sessions.  In this two part programme we work with the 12-chakra system, an exciting and cutting edge exploration of expanded subtle energy anatomy that aligns with the incoming Divine Feminine consciousness flooding the planet and calling on humanity to shift from a competitive, greedy top-heavy consciousness to one that invites collaboration, co-operation and peaceful co-existence with Gaia. 


At the completion of the SPIRIT OF WOMAN TRAINING WORKSHOP SERIES each participant is provided with a Certificate of Competence.   


Would you like to be included on this website as a Spirit of Woman Practitioner?

On completion and submission of six case studies, participants are awarded the Spirit of Woman Practitioner Certificate and your name and bio can be added to the 'Practitioner' page on our website.


This workshop series will be going online soon.


Both Levels have ANTA and ATMS approval with provision of CPE points on the basis of 1 point per 1 hour attended.


Information drawn from over 30 years of clinical experience and beautifully presented in Annie's book 'The Essence of Woman', this series interweaves the 30 Spirit of Woman Essence Blends that support the journey of awakening to the beauty of the Divine Feminine within, enabling balanced optimal expression of innate gender differences. 




The 'The Essence of Woman' - describes how biologically inscripted gender differences determine how we think, feel, act and behave. Traces the drives and motivations of the female gender from womb to tomb. Assists in navigating the rocky terrain of gender differences in relationships, parenting and in the workplace.

Annie's book 'The Essence of Woman', is expressed through the 30 Spirit of Woman Essence Blends that support the journey of awakening to the beauty of the Divine Feminine within, enabling balanced optimal expression of innate gender differences. 

'Spirit of Woman' (3rd Edition) - describes the individual Spirit of Woman Essences in detail. Filled with clinical and anecdotal examples of a variety of emotional and mental states that can create chaos and confusion in our lives and how by realigning our e-motions using Spirit of Woman Flower Essences we can experience a state of joy, wellbeing and contented relationships.




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