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The Beauty of Christmas


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The Beauty of Christmas

A set of three essences to support you during phases of the festive season: pre-Christmas, the days of Christmas and the weeks following.


Give the gift of self-love and confidence to yourself or to the women in your life that you really care about. Our relationship with ourselves affects every other relationship, and these three beautiful essences are superb at helping us feel comfortable in our own skin, and beautiful inside and out! Prioritise well-being and happiness for yourself so that the people around you can feel the effect of your shine at Christmas and beyond. 


Me Myself, I Attunes us to the exuberance of being alive – physically, emotionally and spiritually by making healthy choices and releasing feelings of guilt. Assists in accessing the vibrancy of life so that we feel restored, refreshed, re-vitalised, regenerated and rejuvenated even with all the feasting and socialising! 

Body Love Feel comfortable in your own skin by appreciating and feeling gratitude for the power and beauty of your body, Focuses you on fine-tuning your health by tuning in to what your body wants and needs. Disconnect from traditional familial patterns about the role that women “should” play at Christmas, and energetically supports healthy body function and balanced hormones.

Clear Skin Take this blend in the days following New Years Day to assist your body to cleanse and detoxify after all the beautiful excess. Assists in clearing stress patterns from the body that prevent elimination of toxins. Energetically clears the emotional patterns that commonly underlie skin conditions and brings mind-body awareness of dietary and lifestyle considerations that support the elimination systems of the body.



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