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Spirit of Woman 2nd Edition



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In this book, written to support her unique range of flower essences for women, developed during 30 years of living on Mt Nebo, Annie Meredith tells the story of learning to listen to the whisperings of the flowers growing in this sacred female place.

"While my spectacular native garden grew, so did my affinity with the flowering plants, particularly the wild ones. Each year the exquisite little flowers popped up to say hello, enchanting me with their colourful displays. It was impossible for me to see them as weeds or a nuisance.

They were such a comfort to me during the tumultuous ups and downs of family life. While writing my first book, The Essence of Woman, the flowers began to communicate with me, sharing their wisdom. I understood their messages of love and healing with profound clarity.

It is my hope and intention that they will assist you in embracing your greatest potential as a woman, by augmenting your relationships, blessing your children, and echoing down through generations of women.”


It is the ideal companion for anyone wishing to learn more about the healing power of flower essences in general, and about the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences in general. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book examines the Doctrine of Signatures of each flower, and through actual clinical case studies, explores their energetic healing properties.

278 pages, soft cover.

The Table of Contents:

Section 1 Flowers in Our Garden
Chapter 1 Flowers Past and Present
Chapter 2 The Garden of Eden
Chapter 3 The Body Electric
The Body's Energy Centres
Section 2 Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences
Acacia Purpurea
Black Nightshade
Bleeding Heart
Blue Mink
Freckle Face
Morning Glory
Native Hibiscus
Pink Shamrock
Red Kamala
Snail Vine
Silver Wattle
Storm Lily
Swamp Lily
White Wandering Jew
Wild Iris
Essence Blends
Section 3 Appendices
Appendix 1 The Chakras
Appendix 2 Repertory of Symptoms
About Annie Meredith


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