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Starting school or going back to school can be highly stressful for the kids, mum, dad, and siblings! For 'newbies' and 'seasoned schoolies' alike the new routine can be tiring, the new teacher and people in class can cause anxiety, and friendships from last year might be different! All of that can make the new school year both traumatic and exhausting! And never mind all the preparation it takes to actually get the kids to school on day one! Load the summer heat on top of it, and it's a stress-hormone party, triggering snarling and tears!

With that in mind, we suggest this special School Survival Pack package of Brain Balance, Crisis Calm, and Vital Energy.

Brain Balance helps your child to move easily between left and right sides of the brain in response to the demands of a classroom. Classroom learning draws on the left side of the brain (used primarily for detailed learning) and your 'newbie' child has largely been understanding the world through right brain (seeing the big picture) from infancy as she/he learns how to navigate the world of family and friends. Now the story changes for the child as she/he embarks on a raft of new experiences and moves into an environment that requires very fast uptake of new skills. Whether your child is a 'newbie' or a 'seasoned schoolie' Brain Balance is designed to facilitate the learning process and to ensure that your child has an advantage through using both sides of the brain with ease. 

Just seven drops of Crisis Calm in your child's water bottle (or yours!) can help to keep your child grounded, feeling protected, and able to relax into the changing circumstances of the new school year. And of course, it can support mum in exactly the same way!

Another blend in this lovely School Survival Pack is Vital Energy - which can give you and your child energy to go, and then some! The new routine and expectation can use loads of your and your child's vitality, and Vital Energy can help you to focus, protect yourself from burning out, and gives you an energetic boost when you’re tired or just ‘flat’. It aids releasing unnecessary worry, anxiety, and guilt, and most importantly, to focus on the task at hand - GREAT for homework!

Again we suggest adding seven drops to the water bottle to sip throughout the day, but of course you can also use seven drops directly into the mouth twice a day.

Order today and we'll send your brain balance, calmness and energy right along!

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