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The Stress Solution for Christmas


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The Stress Solution for Christmas!

 A set of three essences to support you during phases of the festive season: pre-Christmas, the days of Christmas and the weeks following.


This package is a must have over the Christmas period when the pace of life seems like it's all too much and all you want to do is find a dark quiet secret space to hide in - except you can't! Find strength and the ability to cope when you thought you couldn't or wouldn't.



Crisis Calm - to take the edge off that it's-all-too-much feeling. Take seven drops every ten minutes until it settles. For most people only one or two doses are needed.

Quiet Mind - as soon as that really urgent feeling passes, get a big drink of water and put seven drops of Quiet Mind into it. Sip the water normally as you work - and when it's done, refill with more water and more. This can bring your mind to centre, and help you ground the ideas and activities that are keeping your mind racing and in overwhelm.

Gift of Time - when the intensity has passed, it's time to start the third phase of managing overwhelm. We get overwhelmed because Christmas is so busy, demands come from every direction, and everyone needs to be thought of! But then, what about me - I'm not coping? BANG - overwhelm! Gift of Time can help you to change the way you perceive time - try it and see :)



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