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Feeling Good SM Pack


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Feeling Good Spray Mist Pack

contains the aromatic Goddess Spray Mists of 'Venus - Divinely Feminine', 'Diana - Protection' and 'Sophia - Awaken ' this elegant three pack offers you a sense of being 'at your best expression'. Feeling connected, supportive, feminine and co-operative you will know how to be your optimum self without feeling the need to put on a mask or act out of character - simply to be your best self and let everything around you flow the way it will. Lose the need for control and let the day take it's own shape. using spray mists you can encourage others to go with the flow, without a word being spoken.

This pack can also be divided into three charming and much sought after gifts for those that enjoy the elegance of a beautiful aromatic and healing experience.      

Combining the healing and transformational qualities of Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and pure organic essential oils each of these blends offer a uniquely  alchemic contribution to enhance your wholesome experience of Christmas

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