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2019 Peace and Prosperity Pack


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2019 Peace and Prosperity Pack

 A set of three essences to support you in 2019 to express and manifest your best.


Give yourself the gift of Abundance and enjoy a struggle-free year!  Open yourself to opportunities and to the uniqueness of your creative self - you can create your own reality - you just have to dream it. This Spirit of Woman 3 pack helps you to prioritise life's demands, tune into and listen to your desires and open to the bounty of life, especially during 2018 to ensure that any feelings of 'not having enough' are replaced by a sense of unbounded abundance and joy. Assists in re-evaluating the notion that 'time is your master' always driving you along, rather than luxuruating in the feeling that you master time, allowing it to ebb and flow with ease and grace, bringing you its gifts of seredipity and synchronicity. 


Gift of Time -  Helps to clarify thoughts and prioritise tasks. Releases you from thinking that you always have to maximise your effort to a feeling that everything occurs at the perfect time.  

Creative Muse - Assists in being conscious of your own unique gifts and how unique the gift of you will be to others

Abun-Dance -  Helps support the notion that the Universe always provides, especially when you let go of the sense of needing to control the way your abundance comes in!



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